**Some rims may be beyond repair based on the condition and type of metal.  Rim polishing is included in the IN&OUT Detail & 2-step Hand Wax.  We can offer a quote for polishing of rims separate from a detail.

Detailing is done by appointment.  Click here for more information.

**If left on too long, brake dust can actually bake onto the rim, ruining the look of your rims forever.  Some rims can be polished clean at a higher cost, but others can’t be fixed at all.  It is important to remove brake dust on a regular basis.

**Bugs will also harm your vehicle's finish if left on too long.  An amino acid in them eats away at the clear coat.  It is important to remove them as soon as possible.

**Salt corrodes.  So it is extremely important to remove salt regularly from your vehicle to avoid rust and general degradation of your vehicles components.

**Bird waste will damage your vehicle's paint if left on too long.  It is important to remove it as soon as possible.  Bird waste can also be abrasive, so it is best to remove it with the the least abrasive cleaning methods to avoid scratches.

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