Next, every vehicle undergoes two sets of mitters to pick up any excess soap and dirt, and one set of side brushes for lower areas & rocker panels.

All rims are blasted with our high-pressure wheel blasters.

At select washes, every vehicle undergoes an additional thorough machine-powered high pressure rinse.

Only included in *THE WORKS* or *BILL'S BEST*, rims are hand brushed if needed.

First and foremost, every vehicle is hand prepped to remove heavy dirt, bird waste and brake dust.

Mr. C's Tunnel Wash Process

Next is the final rinse.

*A more foamy soap is used here for added lubrication and cleaning.

*Underbody rinse also applied here.

Next, as the vehicle enters the wash, it goes through our first step: the pre-soak.  Pre-soak is a soap chemical designed to loosen and lift away dirt and grime from your vehicle's surface.

The front is brushed for bug removal and extra cleaning of the grill and lower areas.

wash process

Only included in *THE WORKS* or *BILL'S BEST*, Rain-X is applied here for extra enhanced shine and protection against rain, snow, sun, and other hazardous elements. *Also now offered as an add-on.

Next, all cars travel through a series of wraps that wrap around the whole vehicle for a more thorough cleaning.

But, the cleaning process isn't finished just yet, please see our hand finish process for more.

Lastly is the final product as the vehicle travels through the air blowers.

Only included in *THE WORKS* or *BILL'S BEST*, a Triple Coat silicon polymer wax is added for extra polish and shine.  *Also now offered as an add-on.