Express Shine & Protection                 $25.00/month

       Bill's Best Exterior                                  $39.00/month

 The Works                                                $55.00/month

Bill's Best                                                  $59.00/month

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Wash as many days as you wish for one low monthly price!

Unlimited washes

Starting at

$25.00 per month!

Each Unlimited Plan is for one vehicle, and you are still free to access ALL locations for a wash!

Sign up multiple vehicles with their own plan on the same account!  Share with family members!

Just download our free app on your mobile device & enroll!

Unlimited Plan


1. Mr. C’s Car Wash Unlimited Wash Pass allows each member to wash their enrolled vehicle as many times during the month, but limited to once per day.

2. Participation for the membership requires the customer to download the Mr. C’s Car Wash custom app to their smart phone. The customer is responsible for inputting their information into the app in accordance with the instruction provided. Each vehicle will require its own unlimited wash pass and subscription fee.

3. The Unlimited Wash Pass can be purchased with a Credit/Debit Card only. The fee for the first month is charged to the customer’s card given at first purchase. Thereafter, the monthly fee is charged automatically to the same card the following months on the same date as purchased, until the pass is cancelled or terminated. Members enrolling from the 29th to the 31st of the month will be charged every 28th of the month.

4. Cancellations can be submitted by use of the Mr. C’s Car Wash Custom app. Please allow 3 days prior to the billing date for processing. No refund or credit will be issued for any unused portion of the plan due to early cancellation or termination.

5. If Mr. C’s Car Wash is unable to charge the card on file for any reason, the customer’s Unlimited Plan will be deactivated. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the vehicle, credit card, and email contact information is correct and up to date.

6. Customers will owe for missed payments due to subscriptions that are cancelled because of a declined credit card.  Further, customers who voluntarily cancel their membership will not be able to resign-up again until one month after their last payment date. Mr. C's does not allow vacation holds or pausing of a plan for less than a month.

7. The membership is transferable to a new vehicle twice a year, free of charge. The customer must contact Mr. C’s staff to approve and facilitate any vehicle transfers.

8. The Unlimited Pass is valid at all Mr. C’s Car Wash locations during normal operating hours. Mr. C’s Car Wash reserves the right to close the car wash due to inclement weather and/or wet road conditions, repairs/maintenance, or any other unforeseen reason. No refund will be given for these days.

9. Our Mr. C’s Express Car Wash (located at 26 Mile and Mound Roads in Shelby Township) does not have full service capabilities. Therefore, Full Service and Works package washes are not available at this location. Customers having unlimited Full Service or Works plans can still wash at this location, however, an express service is all that can be offered with no credit or refund given. Further, this location offers an Express Works option vs. an Exterior Works option. Door jamb wiping and blowing out of side mirrors is not provided at this location.

10. The membership is per vehicle.  No substitutions are allowed. No coupons, discounts, or special offers are valid with the unlimited pass.

11. Pricing Terms and Conditions are subject to change. Price changes will take effect immediately for new customers, and will be posted for 30 days before being applied to current plan customers. Any price change will be effective at the start of the next billing cycle after being posted for 30 days.

12. Mr. C’s Car Wash staff reserve the right to terminate this subscription if the terms and conditions are violated or abused. Mr. C’s Car Wash staff also reserve the right to refuse an initial or renewal contract subscription for any reason (examples include, but are not limited to: pre-existing vehicle damage, vehicles that exceed height and/or width restrictions, damage risk to after-market equipment, excessive mud, etc.).

13. By entering into the unlimited program, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth by Mr. C’s Car Wash and understand that any violation of the terms and conditions can result in immediate termination of the contract and/or refusal of services.