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In the Southern U.S. bug season can last year long, but in the Northern U.S. it can start as early as mid to late April and last until late September or mid October.  During those periods, many of the insects will end up splattered on car windshields and painted parts and in radiators.  Car owners tend to leave them on for more than a day and they're hard to get off after they've been in the sun for a while. Get them off as soon as you can.  If they sit on the car too long they take the paint off.  


Daniel Keene, horticulture program assistant for the Agriculture and Extension Service Office, said in an article that a fatty acid in the insects is the culprit that eats away car paint.  Vehicles should be washed within three days of hitting the bugs to prevent paint damage, Mr. Keene said.  He also recommends that people wax their vehicles to make the bug removal easier.


Here at Mr. C's, we couldn't agree more.  We see too many finishes that become damaged because of bugs being left on too long.  With proper methods we are usually able to remove all the bugs, but what is usually left is a silhouette mark where they sat all over the car.  Essentially what happens is the fatty acid eats through the clear coat, leaving marks in your finish wherever they lay.  Don't let bugs sit on your car.  We also recommend waxing to help protect your finish.  We hope you choose us as your source for bug removal.  We will help you prevent any paint damage during bug season.

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