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Over the years, we have seen a lot of damage on customers' cars.  Many customers were unaware that they were causing these damages themselves.  The following is a list of ways to protect your vehicle from scratching and/or paint damage.  We hope this list will save our customers the stress of having a damaged car. 



Here is a list of things that can damage your vehicle:


1. Put grocery bags, brief case, boxes, purse or pizza box on top of your car and slide them off.

2. Kick the door shut when your hands are full.

3. Drive behind a garbage truck dripping liquids.

4. Let tree sap, berries or leaves sit on your car for days, weeks or months.

5. Let the bushes or tree branches touch your finish when you back your car down the driveway.

6. Scrape ice off your hood and trunk with an ice scraper (those are for windows only).

7. Lean your packages against your car while you open the door.

8. Park your car within 10 feet of a shopping cart or in the travel path of a shopping cart in any open parking lot (winds can      blow shopping carts into cars at high speeds).

9. Drive behind big trucks.  Especially big trucks spreading debris.

10. Take snow off your trunk, roof and hood with any household broom (snow brushes are designed not to scratch).

11. Park your car in the open airports (low flying planes can coat your car with fuel).

12. Leave your car under trees on windy days (small or large branches can fall off and hit your car).

13. Leave your garage door open at night (cats and raccoons can walk in, jump and slide all over your vehicle, and scratch        your finish with their claws).

14. Let the metal fasteners from the booster cables hit your car when giving it a charge.

15. Let the Christmas tree hit your paint finish when loading it in the trunk.

16. Haul that tree on the roof of your car unless your car was just cleaned and a soft blanket is between the paint finish and        the tree.

17. Let bikes, snow blowers, and lawnmowers rest against the paint job when hauling.

18. Park your car close to a 2 door car with big doors - your car might get dinged.

19. Park under any drips in a parking garage - the drips will stain your vehicle's paint finish.

20. Let your children's bikes and wagons be kept right next to your car in the garage - when they tip over, they can ding              your car or scratch it.

21. Bump the car in front of you or behind you when you parallel park.

22. Scrape your rims against the curb when parking or turning (concrete curbs will grind out the metal).

23. Drive on gravel roads if avoidable.

24. Drive fast right behind other cars - they will spit up little rock particles that will cause stone chips.

25. Let bug kill remain on your car - it only takes a couple days sometimes to damage the finish.

26. Drive over white or yellow lines that have just been painted - it doesn't come off easily, and sometimes it can't be                  removed at all.

27. Use any sharp edges on your windshield to scrape ice and frost (plastic scrapers are best for this).

28. Leave bird waste on your car's finish for more than a day - it will quickly eat through your clear coat and paint.

29. Write happy faces or messages on your car in the accumulated dirt or road salt (you will scratch the finish). 

30. Lean or sit on the car.

31. Let concrete powder from construction dry and harden on your vehicle.

32. Let brake dust build up on your wheels.

33. Wax your car without washing it first.

34. Let anyone with metal buttons on their clothing sit in your leather seats.

35. Let acid rain marks remain on your vehicle's finish for as long as you can stand a dirty car while it sits outside in the sun          (the rain marks will eventually be permanent).

36. Use a Scotch scouring pad to remove bugs and/or tree sap from your vehicle.

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