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Dear Mr. C’s Full Service Customers,

Full service car wash facilities are becoming rarer these days. Due to the high labor demands of full-service washing, many of our competitors only offer full service options to existing unlimited plan members. Many competitors are discontinuing this service all together and offering self-serve vacuums instead. Mr. C’s is very proud of the fact that we have maintained offering the full service wash option to all of our customers over the last few years. In an effort to set realistic expectations regarding our full service wash options, we would like to provide information on what our full service wash includes and how our full service wash differs from our detailing services.

All of our full service washes include, but are limited to the following:

  • Air is blown between seats to dislodge small debris;

  • Vacuuming of carpets, seats, and mats is done; cloth mats can be shampooed and rubber mats can be power-washed for an additional charge;

  • All interior windows and exposed sunroofs are sprayed and wiped;

  • The dashboard, console and steering wheel areas are given a light dusting with a damp towel;

  • Front cupholders are wiped with a damp cloth provided they are empty of coins, cups, and other personal belongings; wiping of additional cupholders is upon request only;

  • The seats, door panels, and kick plates are also wiped with a damp cloth;

  • Wiping of all door jambs;

  • SUV hatch areas are included in this cleaning; large bulky items should be removed prior to washing;

  • Car trunk jambs are only wiped and trunks are only vacuumed upon request;

  • Navigation screens are only cleaned upon request because they scratch easily.

Full service washing is best suited for those who are getting this service at least once per month and at least twice per month if you have kids, pets, and/or live on a dirt road. Once we take possession of your car, we strive to have you back on the road in under 20 minutes. This can only be achieved if we stick to the basics above. Customers who only get the full service wash once every few months will likely not be satisfied with this quick, light cleaning and we simply cannot continue to spend extra time on vehicles which are not regularly maintained. Having 4 employees each spend 5 extra minutes on a heavily soiled interior equates to an additional 20 minutes of cleaning that should be spent on the next cars in line.

Fortunately, we offer detailing services! This service is by appointment and allows us to take more time with your vehicle. We use specialized tools and pressurized air to get in all the cracks, vents and crevices of the vehicle. We also use more effective cleaning solutions to remove stains and stickiness from dashboards, consoles, cupholders and plastics. All of the mats and carpeting are deep cleaned using an extractor. This service starts at $149 for small cars. Please ask a manager about appointment availability if this is something your car needs and we would be happy to schedule your vehicle for some TLC!

Once your vehicle has been detailed, we highly recommend signing up for our Bill’s Best Unlimited plan. For $59 per month, you can get your car washed inside and out every day! 

We hope our customers can understand the challenges we face with balancing speed and quality and making all of our customers happy. We look forward to continuing to service your vehicle whether it is for exterior only washing, full-service washing, or detailing services.

Thank-you for your patronage!

Nina, Josh, Vito and Bill

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