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Currently, Mr. C's Car Wash is owned by 4 God-fearing patriotic Americans: Bill's daughter Nina, son-in-law Josh, son Vito, and Bill himself.  The company is further blessed to have many other huge family influences including Bill's brother Marco (accountant & administrative assistant), sisters Sarah and Stephanie (administrative assistants), daughter Theresa (administrative assistant and social media manager), and Vito's mother-in-law Mela (Payroll manager).  Many of Bill's grandkids also work the line on weekends, during summers and after school. We are also proud to mention those who have been with us since the beginning: Danny Kelly (GM Detroit location), Dave Allen (GM Hayes location), Decado Fuggerson (Manager at Detroit location), John Marchese (Repairman), and Rodney Watts (GM Harper Woods location).  Many of our loyal workers have families of their own that come to work together at Mr. C's and we love seeing that!  Here at Mr. C's, everyone is family!
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