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First and foremost, every vehicle is hand prepped to remove heavy dirt, debris, bird waste and brake dust.

The fronts of all vehicles are brushed for bug removal and extra cleaning of the grill & hard to reach areas, and rear of SUVs and trucks are also brushed for a more thorough cleaning.

Only included in *BILL'S BEST*, rims are hand brushed if needed.

Next, as the vehicle enters the wash, it goes through our first step: the pre-soak.  Pre-soak is a soap chemical designed to loosen and lift away dirt and grime from your vehicle's surface.

Every vehicle undergoes a thorough underbody rinse.

Every vehicle also undergoes a thorough automated high pressure rinse.

Next, all cars travel through a series of wraps that wrap around the whole vehicle for a more thorough cleaning.

*A more foamy soap is used here for added lubrication and cleaning.

Only included in *BILL'S BEST*, a Triple Coat silicon polymer wax is added here for extra polish and shine.

Every vehicle also experiences two sets of side brushes for a more advanced cleaning of lower areas.

Only included in *BILL'S BEST*

Extreme Wax is applied here for a durable, super enhanced glass-like shine that also protect's your vehicle from nature's harshest  elements.

Next, every vehicle undergoes two sets of soft cloth mitters to clean the top of the vehicle, rub in wax, and pick up any excess soap and dirt.

Only included *BILL'S BEST*, Rain Protectant is applied here as an extra layer of protection that also provides for clearer vision while driving in rain or snow, and a magnified shine.

Next is the final rinse.

At the end of the tunnel, all vehicles travel through our air blowers to help dry and remove water & soap from seams.

But, the cleaning process isn't finished just yet, please see our hand finish process for more.

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